CWCf Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
CWCf is resuming field operations on a state-by-state, case-by-case basis.
Check with our office for details.

Serving Those who Serve Others

RV'ers for ChristThink of Ready Volunteers for Christ as “Hard Hats for Christ on wheels”. Lending construction assistance to Christian camps, country churches and other ministries…read more.

Mentoring Youth

building-in-youthBuilding In Youth encourages connections between the generations in churches. Skills, knowledge, experience and wisdom are the true riches we can pass on as a legacy…read more.

Integrity and Safety

toolbox-logoA dynamic tool for impacting the construction industry for good and for God, TOOLBOX™ Safety Cards and related phone app bring the added dimension of hope, good cheer, Godly ethics and integrity to job site safety meetings…read more.


Building Lives on the Solid Rock

HHFC-BlackWhen he founded CWCf in 1970, Jim Hodges realized that his “mission field” was the construction sites where he worked as a journeyman IBEW electrician. He invited Christians and pre-believers to pray for safety on the job before work, to study the Bible together…read more.

Latest News from CWCf

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Roughly 60 miles to the west of Colorado Springs, on the west side of the front range of the Rockies, lies a 1,000 squar...

Our God is an Awesome God!  

In 2001, Ann and I had the pleasure of riding the California Zephyr from Denver to Sacramento.  En route we became frie...

Keep on Keepin’ On

My first construction job was helping my grandpa mix mortar in a wheel barrow for repairs he was doing to the little sto...


Serving Ministries Across the USA


Our Top 10 Needs

Because our God is an Awesome God, we are asking Him for:

  • One Social Media Management specialist to work at least half-time, self-supported
  • Two additional, full-time Building In Youth staff missionaries
  • Three missionary executive staff trainees/candidates
  • Four additional full-time construction missionaries
  • Five additional skilled field project team leaders (might include some of the four)
  • Six more donors to the General Fund at $100/month or more
  • Seven new RV’ers for Christ couples with construction skills
  • Eight youth mentors in Southwest Washington
  • Nine Christian contractors to spread the word about TOOLBOXTM Safety Cards
  • Ten more people who will commit to pray for us at least weekly (not weakly!)

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