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Ready Volunteers for Christ is less structured than some other RV’er groups. We don’t require reservations a year in advance or a minimum time commitment. We encourage both spouses to be involved in assisting the client ministry in some way, but we don’t have work rules such as how many hours are required of each spouse.  We are more focused on getting the project done right and encouraging one another than on sight-seeing.

RV’ers for Christ decide for themselves how long they’d like to stay on a project. Typically, we have a team leader on site for several weeks or months at a time. RV’ers sometimes stay for the duration of the project, or for a complete phase (for instance, from sheetrock through finishes), or simply for a month, a week, or a weekend, depending on their abilities and availability.

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RV’ers for Christ “Serve Those Who Serve Others” at Christian camps and Bible schools, small churches and other Christian organizations throughout the continental United States. We have also worked in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. The work includes construction of new buildings, remodeling, and maintenance of these facilities. Since most of our clients provide RV parking and utilities, and oftentimes a meal or two, we expect volunteers to “pull their own weight” on the jobsite, making allowances for health and skills, of course.

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