About Volunteering

CWCf Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
CWCf is suspending all field operations with the exception of those already in progress (New Life Ranch, OK, South Mountain Family Camp, NC, Camp Ozone, TN and Glen Eyrie, CO).
CWCf staff and volunteers now present at these four projects may remain there so long as the client ministry allows them to do so.
No other staff or volunteers will be authorized to move onto these projects, and staff at these four projects will not be reassigned to other projects until further notice.
We will monitor the pandemic conditions and adjust this policy at such time as it is warranted.
Adopted by the Board of Directors, March 27, 2020

Begin your adventure of “Serving Those Who Serve Others” by becoming an Associate or RV’er for Christ.  Just submit the Preliminary Questionnaire.   After we review it, we will send you the Application for Individuals, Part 1, including a release form authorizing us to do a background check on you (a small fee is required with your application to cover our expenses).  Assuming everything checks out, you’ll then receive Part 2, which will complete the application process.  The only thing left after that will be matching you up with the right opportunity to serve!

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