CWCf/Hard Hats for Christ is looking for men and women in the construction industry who are called

  • to tell others in the industry about Jesus and His saving power in their lives;
  • to encourage other Christians in the industry to live out their faith, on and off the jobsite; and
  • to use their construction skills assisting other Christian ministries with their construction and maintenance projects.

What’s Wrong with These Pictures?

Jim Hodges was working in the trades when he founded CWCf and started Hard Hats for Christ.  He saw the need to promote Christ in construction at home and abroad, so that people in the construction industry could be brought to salvation through faith in Jesus and could be helped along in their Christian walk.  An outgrowth of their faith would be a desire to use their talents and skills to help other Christian ministries with their construction and maintenance needs.

At that time, the construction industry, and especially the trades were totally dominated by men – even more so than they are today.  We’ve come a long way in accepting women into a variety of roles in construction, and as the pictures that scroll across the Hard Hats for Christ web page show, we’ve integrated the ladies into many aspects of our projects.  I could even suggest that our jobsites might be a good place to meet a good woman – but nearly all of them are already married, guys!

So what’s wrong with these pictures?  Watch them closely as they scroll by and you’ll notice there isn’t a hard hat in any of them!  We have some talented craftspeople and many willing workers in our group, but we are missing some essential participants, namely, guys and gals who are working or who have worked many years in the construction trades.  As volunteers, these folks would bring an added level of expertise and craftsmanship to our projects.  And together we might find ways to be more effective in reaching out to others in the industry with the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.  And we might be able to encourage one another and build each other up in the faith.

Are you an active tradesperson, a supervisor or superintendent, a project manager or estimator, or a design professional?  You have the potential to enhance the Hard Hats for Christ vision and purpose through your participation!  Give us a call today if you’re interested in joining us in “Promoting Christ in Construction – Home and Abroad”!           

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