A lot of work goes into a project before volunteers or missionaries ever show up to start working. It really helps if someone can visit the ministry requesting help and look at what they want done and talk to the people in charge. Recently, Joe and Sherry Newton consulted with a church about a future project in Idaho and Dennis and Darlene Korneychuk looked at a new one in Arizona. Dave and Sherry Armstrong visited at a camp in Nebraska and encouraged them to send in a project request form. As we were preparing this another request came for a ministry in Pennsylvania.

“On-going” projects are typically at Christian camps. For example, Dennis and Darlene go to Youth Haven Desert Ranch in Arizona to work for several months most winters, where they are often joined by volunteers like Don and Vernita Anderson and Bob and Alma Hauer. Warm Beach Camp in Washington has several Ready Volunteers for Christ working throughout the year. The Pollocks, Bucklands, Graves, Johnsons, and Humphreys help with everything from building projects, counseling, and preparing crafts for campers to helping set up The Lights of Christmas, which is the largest display of Christmas lights on the West Coast. Building In Youth even shows up for a project each year. South Mountain Family Camp in North Carolina has also had several volunteers come to work with Dick and Vi Avis, who try to be there a week or two every month. Warren and Lori Yates, Jim and Shawnee Payne and Celeste Vincelett all worked at Camp Victory in Alabama, and Warren and Lori are now at Camp Ozone in Tennessee.

Child Evangelism Fellowship in Centralia, WA needed a ramp repaired, so Brian and Donna Smith took care of that. Even our board members are getting into field projects, as Frank and Carol Taylor worked with a new volunteer couple from Alaska, Morrie and Carol Fisher at Pend Oreille Bible Camp.  Frank and Carol are now setting out to visit every one of our listed projects, beginning with a week or two of work at Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, Wyoming.

Several couples have also been to New Life Ranch in Oklahoma: Dave and Sherry Armstrong, Byron and Lois Goodman, and a first time couple Rod and Carol Kuhn along with newbie RV’er Marci Barnes. Chuck and Beverly Moe worked with Joe Newton both at Glen Eyrie and the Village Missions project in Colorado. Lee and Caroline Suitter continue to help out at Grace Bible Fellowship in New York. Duane Atkinson works at Camp White Branch several times each year and has also been helping out his home church with some remodeling.  He’s now back doing repairs and alterations at a previous project he helped to build a number of years ago, Burley (WA) Bible Church.

Right now we have projects scattered across the United States. Check out the Project Roster, showing on-going or planned projects which have staff assigned to them, as well as potential projects for which we have no staffing at present.

If you are looking for a project to work on, find the one that fits you and call the office to let us know when you would like to help out. It is important to make the phone call so we can let the ministry we are helping know who will show up and when. We can also let you know if any other volunteers will be at that project and help you get in touch with them. It is also important to let us know what you do on each project and how much time you spent there.

This could have been a long boring article without any pictures! We are so thankful that some people send us pictures to use in our publications. Have you?



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  • A lot of work goes into a project before volunteers or missionaries ever show up to start working. It really helps if someone can visit […]