Kyle Green

President / CEO

After meeting as campers at church camp in 2000, Kyle and Amanda were married in September 2005. They reside with their daughter, Camryn, in Krum, TX. Kyle is in transition to fill the CEO/President role in the ministry. Kyle worked in the commercial construction industry for 20+ years in superintendent/project management roles. Amanda has also worked in the industry in marketing and other roles.

In 2021 & 2022, the Holy Spirit dealt seriously with Kyle and Amanda, ultimately leading Kyle to resign from construction to pursue ministry full-time. The Lord broke Kyle and Amanda’s hearts for the people within the construction industry who are wounded and hurting and who search for their identity in their work. The Holy Spirit is guiding them to serve on the domestic mission field, returning to the construction industry to evangelize and make disciples. They believe planting seeds of Salvation and building relationships with the workers, showing them the light of Christ, will have a tremendous impact among the 2.8 M+ construction workers who do not yet know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Dave Williamson

Vice President of Toolbox Topics

Dave was President/CEO from 2007 – 2024, but he first met CWCf’s founder, Jim Hodges, in 1973. Twenty-nine years later Jim caught up with him while the Williamsons were serving with TEAM overseas in Nepal and Thailand. After being based in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years, Dave and Ann moved the home office to Texas and became full-time RV’ers in 2021. They managed the office while on the road –taking the opportunity to visit their three children and 13 grandchildren and participate in RV’ers for Christ projects along the way.  In 2024, Dave will focus on completion of the TOOLBOX Safety Card app project.

Dr. Terrance Nalley

Chairman of the Board

I grew up in Kansas, moved to a small town in Missouri, and finished my high school/ vocational education there. I moved to Arkansas in 1977, and started my construction career with a local civil contractor. I’ve been in the construction and design industry for 44 years, and 25 of those years have been in commercial construction as a Sr. Construction Manager for companies such as Walmart, Sav-A-Lot and Fresh Market. I recently retired from a construction company in Texas, where I was the construction manager for commercial construction projects for 3.5 years. I have been married to my lovely wife, Lisa, for 26 years. We have 4 kids, 12 grandkids, and 3 great-grandkids.

In 2006, I was ordained as a minister; in 2009, I enrolled in an online Bible College; and in 2022, I received my Doctorate in Theology. In 2018, I was voted to the board of directors of Great Commission Bible College, and I am currently an instructor for the college. I was introduced to CWCf by a recruiter in 2019 for the position of CEO for CWCf, and later that year, I joined the board of directors of CWCf.

My vision for the Construction Workers Christian Fellowship and the Board of Directors is to reach the construction industry for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ through our Hard Hats for Christ ministry. I encourage the board members to work hand in hand with our CEO in the future to ensure we, as a ministry, follow our principles and bylaws that have been in place for 50 years, partnering with our Senior Leadership and our RV’ers for Christ ministry to further expand CWCf in every aspect of the construction industry.

Dennis Korneychuk

Vice Chairman of the Board

In the late 70’s, my wife and I felt the Lord calling us to full time service for Him. In June, 1979, we began our missionary career. In June, 1990, we began full time missionary service with CWCf. During the last 33 years we have been involved in many different aspects of this ministry. I joined the board to add a staff member’s representation on the board as many decisions made by the board affect the staff. I also desired to finish well with the ministry we have been involved with and have grown to love. My vision for the board is to “guide and protect” the ministry of CWCf, that it will have a lasting effect of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ for years to come.

Robert Atkinson

Secretary / Treasurer

I came to know the Lord when I was 12 years old.  After graduating from high school, I attended Western Baptist Bible College, where I met Verna.  We were married in 1969, and God gave us 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

I met Jim Hodges the founder of CWCf in Spokane, WA, in1992.  I joined the board in January of 2000, and have been convinced for many years that this ministry is important, and that God is using it to further His kingdom.  In 2010, I retired from my job at King County Housing Authority and worked in the CWCf office as the project coordinator.  After almost 10 years of serving in that capacity I resigned and have rejoined the board.  As a board member I pray daily for the people who are a part of this ministry, and that God will continue to use CWCf to reach many more.

Bob McCready

Board Member

I am 77 years old, born in Centralia, Washington, graduated Centralia High School, attended Centralia College. In 1964, I enlisted in the Washington National Guard. I went to boot camp at Fort Ord, California! I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and believed I had a relationship with Jesus Christ. While in boot camp I caught spinal meningitis. I came close to dying and became closer to Jesus.

In 1967 I managed a grocery store. I divorced in 1971 from my first wife, and moved to Longview, Washington.  I went to work in a sawmill and into management. The Mill shutdown in 1988.

I married Nancy, the love of my life, in 1974! Due to the spinal meningitis, we could not have children.  In 1979, my wife and I attended an Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts seminar led by Bill Gothard. He asked the question, when were you saved? I could not answer, because I always felt Jesus was in control of my life. Bill instructed us to write down the date; mine was August 5th, 1979. Any time that I had any doubt, I opened my Bible, and  looked at that date. I belong to Jesus Christ!!

In 1989 I went to work for an oil jobber in Longview, Washington. I drove a tank wagon delivering gas, oil, and diesel to fuel stations, mills and construction sites, as well as home delivery of heating oil. I loved that job!! I retired in 2016.

I was introduced to Hard Hats for Christ by Dave Williamson and Ron King. They encouraged me to do an interview, then get letters of recommendation. I prayed a lot to see if this was God’s will. My vision for CWCf is to be on a board that prays for each other, our projects and for our country! The board needs to stay in communication with the CEO and with project leaders.

Steve Voreis

Board Member / Projects Coordinator

I was introduced to Christ around 1960, at 6 years old.  I grew up in the country on an 80-acre farm. After high school, I began a 47-year career in the HVAC industry.  I am married to Eleanor, and we have four daughters, three grandsons and one great granddaughter.

We joined CWCf in 2016 and I became a board member in 2019.  I accepted the nearly full-time role of Project/Volunteer Coordinator in 2021. My goal is to glorify the Lord by doing construction work to enable ministries to bring the gospel to the people of the area they serve.

My vision for the board is for the members to pray regularly for this ministry and truly believe with the heart that CWCf is a necessary and needed ministry in our current world.  I want the board to take the challenges we face very seriously.  The board should monitor the governmental laws as they change affecting our ministry.  The board should manage the CEO with Spirit-led direction as we all attempt to bring glory to God.

John Milner

Board Member

I was raised in the church and really can’t remember a time I did not believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  My public confession of faith was when I was baptized at 10 years old at Longview Christian Church.  In high school and college, I strayed from my faith. I suppose I wanted to do things my way.  I graduated from the University of Washington and went to work in the electrical equipment industry.  My stepfather was a carpenter, and I worked with the construction trades my whole 43 year career.  While working as an engineer, I met Wende, my wife.  She was not a believer but wanted to know what the difference was in my family.  As a result, she gave her heart to the Lord, and I rededicated my life to Jesus.  We have two children and four grandchildren; a girl and 3 identical triplet boys who just turned 1.  I am active in the Methodist church we attend, and in the Gideons International.

My vision for CWCf is to make an impact with the facilities and families that we work with for the goal of seeing more people come to the Lord.  This can be done in a professional and organized manner to bring glory to God.

Mike Kunkle

Board Member

I accepted Christ as my Savior in USMC bootcamp when I was 19 years old. A few years later, I felt God calling me into full-time ministry. I graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a Christian Life and Family Ministry degree. I served as a missionary/pastor with Village Missions for 12 years and was ordained while serving at our first field in upstate NY. I then served with a discipleship ministry for recovering addicts for almost two years. I have been doing carpentry work since high school and had my own construction business before and while attending Bible college. My wife and I had always thought we would do a construction ministry part time after we retired, but God called us to serving with CWCf as full-time construction missionaries in 2021. I was asked to join the Board of Directors in 2023.

My wife and I have been married since 1986 and have 5 daughters and 10 grandchildren (with more on the way). Our nomadic lifestyle allows us to see our family that is now scattered across the country.

Our goal is to see a cohesiveness on the worksites of our projects and to encourage our missionaries, as well as our client ministry workers, in their service for the Lord.