How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? (The Sermon on the Amount)

  • While CWCf missionaries are faith supported and our Associates and RV’ers for Christ cover their own costs, we find it necessary to ask our client ministries to help out a little bit, if possible; “…the worker is worth his keep.” (Matt. 10:10 and 1Tim 5:18)  Also, just to be frank, we’ve learned that human nature doesn’t seem to place a lot of value on things that are received “for free” (2 Sam. 24:24).  So in addition to the items mentioned in What Do We Expect, we request that our client ministries give prayerful consideration to contributing toward the following minimal expenses (details and estimated costs are available from our Project Coordinator after your project has been approved for consideration):
    • Travel Expenses to Your Jobsite: Rising fuel costs are making travel to projects much more expensive.  Please discuss the possibility of your ministry covering a portion of the travel expenses with our Project Coordinator.
    • State labor insurance:  We recommend a monthly or quarterly gift to CWCf for the cost of labor insurance when applicable to our missionaries on your project at the then-current rate plus 10% for overhead.
    • Staff/Volunteer Accident Insurance: We provide a small accident insurance policy (different from your liability insurance) for our missionaries and for all volunteers (Associates) we supply through RV’ers for Christ to your project for a very low cost (recently about $1/day/volunteer).   Please consider making a monthly or quarterly donation to help us provide this reasonable insurance for our people.
    • Missionary Support: Finally, we ask you to consider supporting the CWCf construction missionary who served you, or our General Fund, at whatever amount your budget allows, for at least a number of months equal to the number of weeks the missionary spends on your project.  This is completely between you and the Lord.

    If you are unable to contribute toward these needs, it will not prevent your project from being considered for assistance. Please discuss this with our Project Coordinator.


    Note: We highly recommend that the church or mission maintain a debt-free building program.  We believe God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s resources.

    Some congregations have been truly blessed by committing a “tithe” of their building fund resources to a needier congregation, perhaps in a developing world country.  This helps put the focus on the broader body of Christ, and keeps the building experience from just being “all about US”. You cannot out-give God!