What kind of help can we provide?

We provide short-term construction and maintenance assistance to our client ministries so that they can either expand their ministry or make it more efficient. CWCf also helps mission groups with emergency repairs, assists churches in setting up teams to service their own missionaries, deploys faith-supported construction missionaries, provides job supervisors for other ministries, and teaches missionaries and nationals construction and maintenance skills. We are not a Contractor and we do not contract work. In most cases, we come alongside your ministry to assist you – not to perform the work for you. Below is a complete listing of our services.

  • Pre-design or pre-construction consultation

    • CWCf staff is willing and ready to consult with you about your building needs even before you begin the design work;
    • If you already have plans underway or completed, we can review them and make recommendations that might lead to a more efficient or cost-effective volunteer project.
  • Recruit volunteer labor (craftsmen, handy-helpers, willing workers)

    • Our Project Coordinator can serve as a liaison between you and our pool of potential volunteers. We may be able to send one or more volunteers to work directly under your own on-site supervisor or to work with a CWCf team leader;
    • Many of our volunteers serve through RV’ers for Christ, a ministry of CWCf.
  • On-site job supervision

    • CWCf staff is made up of full and part-time, faith-supported missionaries, including construction project supervisors and team leaders;
    • CWCf supervisors can help order materials and help coordinate subcontractors, but CWCf does not typically provide any materials, subcontracts, funds, or fundraising on behalf of our client ministries. On larger, longer-term projects, we are happy to explore fund-raising partnership opportunities to help cover the costs of your materials and our missionaries.