Hello Dave! I don’t know if you will receive this email from me, but I will give it a try. I just want to say how amazing [your RV’ers for Christ missionary] was in working on our re-roof project!!!!!!! He led by example for each of the guys involved in the job, teaching them, and patiently showing them how to do the job right. He worked with our son, Andrew, our two son-in-laws, Dan and Florian, with four other men from the church, John, Dennis, Steve, and Paul, and left a wonderful impression on them all. They each commented more than once about what [he]had taught them about a work ethic, about doing the job right, and about working together as a team. I simply can’t put into adequate words the gratitude my wife and I share about [RV’ers for Christ and your missionary] and the thousands of dollars we were able to save on this job. Thank you for responding to my daughter’s prompting (and the Lord’s I am sure) in helping us with this. Blessings on all of you,
Pastor Terry S, Winlock

[Our missionary requested to remain anonymous]