What do we expect?

What do we expect from a client ministry?

  • A completed application for construction assistance and an executed Memorandum of Understanding (provided by our Project Coordinator when your project has been approved and details have been worked out).
  • Materials for the project, and workers from your congregation, staff, or volunteer base (remember, we come alongside to guide and supplement your people, we generally don’t build it for you);
  • Construction permits and licensed subcontractors, where required; we must have copies of the required permits in our office before we will mobilize missionaries and/or volunteers to your jobsite;
  • Liability Insurance covering volunteer workers on your project, with Construction Workers Christian Fellowship named as an additional insured on your policy (a copy must be received before we start work);  the Memorandum of Understanding sets forth the preferred minimum standards;
    • Automobile Liability Insurance for any and all vehicles owned by Client and used at any job sites or to transport individuals or materials to or from job sites for a minimum coverage amount of $1,000,000 each accident, including Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage.
    • If your coverage does not meet these standards, or you are unable to obtain insurance that does, please discuss your situation with our Project Coordinator.
  • Jobsite phone or cell phone/cell service and e-mail/Internet access for our missionaries;
  • Beginning 60 days prior to the arrival of CWCf missionary or other personnel on your site, we require weekly communication to our home office (phone or e-mail), updating us on project status.
  • Some sort of room and board for our Associates/RV’ers/Missionaries.  This varies from project to project and depends on the missionary staff assigned, the location, etc.:
    • A place to park their RV (trailer or motor home), as well as parking spaces or rooms for any volunteers we recruit for the project, free of charge to the missionary and associates; (we coordinate with you the number of spots needed before mobilizing staff or Associates);
    • Utilities to the RV spaces – minimum 30 amp electrical service (50 amp preferred), drinking water, and some form of sewer service (sometimes this is a weekly pump out by the “honey bucket” truck); with you (the client ministry) covering the cost of these utilities.  Making sure the missionaries’ propane tanks are full before they leave your job isn’t required, but it’s sure appreciated!
    • A few of our missionaries and volunteers do not have RV’s; in their case we ask you to arrange for lodging, typically with a church family or in a camp dorm or cabin, mission apartment, etc.
    • Although we do not require meals be provided, on jobs where a number of folks are working at the lunch or dinner hour on a regular basis it is common and much appreciated for the client ministry to provide at least one meal a day for the workers.  At camps, this usually means the use of the dining hall.  Churches typically form a pot-luck committee and bring meals to the job site.
  • Finally, we ask for opportunities for our missionaries to share the ministry of CWCf with your people.  For churches, this can be to the whole church, or to small groups.  Some of our missionaries can even fill in for your pastor from time to time if desired.  For ministries other than churches we appreciate opportunities to present our ministry to your board or other leadership.

Application for Construction Assistance

Please Note: Approval/Acceptance of your project does not constitute a commitment by CWCf to service it.  We depend entirely on the Lord raising up volunteers to work on projects after we publish the need and project details (See How do we decide“):

Special Notes for Non-USA Projects

  • We are not currently accepting applications for assistance from overseas ministries.