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Are you fully engaged?

Ann and I recently celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary – not a particularly auspicious occasion, like a 50th or even a 25th (ours was a gala affair held in a mud and stone “hotel” in our remote village in Nepal).  But I guess we unconsciously chose to do this one up in a big way. This year, we started “celebrating” in February, on our annual get-away-between-our-birthdays trip.    We spent the weekend at a guesthouse in Seaside, Oregon, mostly reading aloud to each other the love letters we’d written before we were married.  WARNING: Gentlemen, do not try this at

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Hey, Hard Hat!

CWCf/Hard Hats for Christ is looking for men and women in the construction industry who are called to tell others in the industry about Jesus and His saving power in their lives; to encourage other Christians in the industry to live out their faith, on and off the jobsite; and to use their construction skills assisting other Christian ministries with their construction and maintenance projects. What’s Wrong with These Pictures? Jim Hodges was working in the trades when he founded CWCf and started Hard Hats for Christ.  He saw the need to promote Christ in construction at home and abroad,

Does God Forgive and Forget?

We've just finished celebrating Memorial Day, a holiday established to help us remember those who gave their lives defending our freedoms. In preparation for a message on Sunday, I did a word study on "memorials" in the Bible. Many of the verses that mention memorials or remembrances have to do with things God established to help His people remember something about Him or something that He did for them. But I was surprised at how many of the references indicated that God instructed Moses and others to establish memorials, seemingly to remind God of something! Can God forget anything?!? This

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