Mentoring youth to build Godly character through construction training.

Our Building in Youth program is currently on hold due to the passing of our program director. We pray that God will call others to take his place and revitalize the ministry. Skills, knowledge, experience, and wisdom are the true riches we can pass on as a legacy for the next generation. If you sense God’s calling to this type of ministry, please complete the form at Contact Us. We would love to talk to you!

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I am so grateful for your support over the last year. Building In Youth was such a great experience for me and was made great because of you two. You are so kind, generous, and supportive.

Liam, R.A. Long High School

You guys have been amazing to be around and you have taught me so much.  I will forever treasure the memories you have given me!

Brittney, Mark Morris High School

Thank you for letting me do my community service with you guys. You helped me learn more about construction, you showed me how to build wheelchair ramps for people who needed them, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing me again and thank you for your time.

Gabe, Kelso High School