Building Lives on the Solid Rock

When he founded Construction Workers Christian Fellowship (CWCf) in 1970, Jim Hodges realized that his “mission field” was the construction sites where he worked as a journeyman IBEW electrician. He invited Christians and pre-believers to pray for safety on the job before work, to study the Bible together at Saturday morning breakfast meetings, and to encourage each other in their daily lives, including using their God-given talents and abilities to further His kingdom by helping Christian ministries with their building and maintenance projects. These guys were called “Hard Hats for Christ”.

Soon, this nickname was applied to the whole Ministry of CWCf, and for decades we were known simply as “Hard Hats for Christ”. This was sometimes almost comical since on most of our job sites it was rare to see a hard hat actually being worn. Maybe the guys assumed God would protect their heads since they were working on “His” projects!

Over the years, as the ministry grew and took on more projects, the emphasis on job site evangelism and discipleship waned. Hard Hats for Christ missionaries were spending more time helping Christian ministries and less time on secular jobs. CWCf divisions like RV’ers for Christ and Building In Youth sprang up. But God has been stirring us to revive the Hard Hats for Christ emphasis of the early days. So now, rather than being a nickname for the CWCf ministry, Hard Hats for Christ will once again be a unique aspect of the CWCf mission.

But in the 21st Century, how do we go about reaching men and women in the construction industry? What can we provide that will encourage believers there to “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”? How can we engage pre-believers who work construction? In our busy, busy, over-committed world, where everyone seems to have way too much on their plate, what should the new Hard Hats for Christ look like?

We have two ideas, for starters, and would love to hear from you about ways you are engaging your friends and coworkers with the Gospel. Blogs posted on this website are intended to help you think about God and your Christian faith and to be conversation starters. TOOLBOX™ Safety Cards are another way to promote not only safety but also integrity and Christian virtues on the job site. Check these out and let us know what you think.

  • Ladies working
  • Enjoying a break
  • Sweeping
  • Painting
  • Building a ramp
  • Digging
  • Taking a break
  • Teamwork
  • Concrete forms

Hard Hats for Christ literally saved my marriage, if not my life.

Jim L., Iron Worker, Roofer and Jack of All Trades

The Saturday morning breakfasts and Bible studies really helped me to grow as a Christian and be able to share my faith.

Chapter Member

When the Hard Hats for Christ (division of Construction Workers Christian Fellowship) began meeting together and praying for safety on the jobsite before work started each morning, we saw a definite decrease in the number of accidents that had been plaguing that job.